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Become an RDS Logic Reseller

Selling RDS Logic to restaurants can result in regular and recurring commission checks written out to you! Please use caution when selling online ordering software to restaurants.
Why Become a Reseller?

Increase your portfolio:
Add online ordering and food delivery software to your products that you offer to restaurants, restaurant delivery services.

Increase your odds:
Give yourself multiple opportunities to turn a sales call into a sale.

Increase your profit:
You're already working with restaurants anyway; your costs stay the same. Why not try to make an additional couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars?

Ideal Partners

Merchant Service Providers
Face it, most restaurants already have credit card processing — however, most lack an online ordering system. Instead of talking rates and points, have a fresh conversation about giving restaurants a way to get new orders. Bundle the software with your credit card processing.

Web Designers, Restaurant Website Providers, Freelance Web Gurus
Your restaurant client wants a website designed. Give them a website that actually gets them orders instead of just displaying their menu, pictures, and hours.

Easily integrate our online ordering web application into your design via an iframe and give them a website that brings in new business. Our private label solution gives you a robust tool to differentiate your restaurant client websites from the competition.

Menu Guides, Restaurant Directories, Media Outlets
Do you offer a bunch of restaurant menus online for people to review and then hopefully go visit? Why not use RDS Logic to add online ordering and take a commission on the incremental sales you are providing instead of a flat monthly advertising fee?

We're not saying throw away your business model, just give your web visitors what they want — the ability to go ahead and place an order for pickup or delivery.

Restaurant POS, Beverage, Equipment Sales
If you're regularly selling "stuff" to restaurants, you may want to consider reselling our web-based online ordering software. Just give us a shout.

Ready to Get Started?