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Pick What You Pay
It's All the Same Software
Startup Basic Growth Business Ultra Corporate
One Time Setup Cost: $99 $129 $149 $249 $499 $699
Cost per Order: 99¢ 75¢ 65¢ 45¢ 35¢ 25¢
Minimum Monthly Usage: $99 $129 $149 $249 $499 $999
Your Own Website
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Stores & Locations
Unlimited Site Administrators & Users
Unlimited Products
Order Alerts to Mobile Phones
Mobile Driver Delivery Communication
Fax Order Notification
Email Order Notification
Pickup or Delivery Ordering
Order Tracking & Mapping
Pickup / Delivery Zone Design & Pricing
Online Credit Card Processing
Customers Can Store Unlimited Credit Cards Online
Automatic Data Backup
Software Upgrades
Integrated Social Networking
Easy to Use SEO
Dynamic Reporting & Analysis

How does the pricing work exactly?

Say you start on our Starup plan. You pay an initial startup fee of $99. In Month 1 you do only 50 orders. 50 x $0.99/order = $49.50. That's below our minimum monthly charge of $99 so your fee is $99. In month 2 you do 200 orders. 200 x $0.99/order = $198. That's more than $99 so your charge from BigTree is $198. It's not $198 plus $99.

"Choose wisely..." Grail Knight, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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