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RDS Logic Restaurant Delivery Software

Why Use
RDS Logic?
RDS Logic Online Ordering Software for Restaurants & Delivery Services

Online Ordering

For as little as $0.25 per order
  • Hello World. Get your own website and talk to new customers all day, every day.
  • Increase Revenue. Accept takeout or delivery orders online. Sell more food with the same number of seats and tables.
  • Secure Payments. Your customers can be assured that their payment information is safe.
  • Availability. Your restaurant is now open to accept orders 24/7/365 — or whenever you choose.
  • Instant Order Notification. Customers and managers alike can receive email, text updates and track their orders.
  • Upload Graphics & Content. You have complete control of your website appearance and menu.
  • Free Faxing. Receive copies of orders for free.
  • Easy Maintenance. Built with the busy restauranteur in mind, managing your website and menu is a snap.
  • Sell Drinks, House Items. Offer customers high-margin side items.
  • Rewards & Loyalty. Give customers points for online purchases that they can use at over 200 online retailers, like Best Buy and American Express gift cards.
  • Create Graphs & Charts. Easily analyze your sales to find new trends.
  • Social Networking for Your Business. Connect with your customers by building a community.
Clearly Transparent, Pay-for-Performance Pricing
You pay only for the orders you receive. No orders = no charge. All pricing includes the same features — the only difference is the amount you pay per order. SmartPay may make sense for restaurants doing over 100 orders or less per month, while Enterprise may be appropriate restaurants receiving 2,000 orders per month. There are no other fees.


Pick What You Pay
It's All the Same Software
Startup Basic Growth Business Ultra Corporate
One Time Setup Cost: $99 $129 $149 $249 $499 $699
Cost per Order: 99¢ 75¢ 65¢ 45¢ 35¢ 25¢
Minimum Monthly Usage: $99 $129 $149 $249 $499 $999

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We value innovation. We believe in transparent, pay-for-performance pricing. We want your business.