You are an entrepreneur.
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You're an entrepreneur with an idea to offer restaurants for delivery to your city. We make a web platform that does exactly that.

How does it work?

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Sign up Restaurants

"You know your market best. You know the popular restaurants that customers would love delivered. The more restaurants you sign up, the better. We find that on average, our clients receive 1 order for every 1 restaurant every day. So if you have 10 restaurants, you'll likely get 10 orders a day. That's about $12,000 in sales a month."

Step 2: Menu is Added

"Menu entry and updating is easy. You an even send your menu to us and we'll program it for you so you can get back out there signing up restaurants, marketing to customers, and growing your following."

Step 3: Customer Orders

"Customers will visit your website throughout the day and night. Our software is optimized to encourage them to place an order. When they do so, you receive the order immediately so you are able to arrange delivery.

Step 4: Delivery is Made

"Once a delivery order is placed, the software will send the order to the restaurant and you'll work to have the food delivered all while keep the customer informed of the current order status."

Step 5: Make Money

In general, our clients receive upwards of 30-35% from the restaurant on every order. This is in addition to any delivery fees that you charge the restaurant. So say you bring the restaurant a $100 order with a $10 delivery fee… you'll pocket $30+$10 = $40. You set your commission rates and fee structures… afterall, it's our software but it is your business.

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